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CharmingShoppes 公司供應商政策聲明
時間:2014-08-16 11:16:49

CharmingShoppes 公司供應商政策聲明


It is the policy of Charming Shoppes, Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively, "CharmingShoppes, Inc.") to do business only with companies that share Charming Shoppes,Inc.? s commitment to social responsibility and compliance with all applicable laws,regulations and fair labor practices.
Charming政策是Shoppes有限公司及其附屬公司(統稱“CharmingShoppes 有限公司”)只與公司做生意分享CharmingShoppes 公司社會責任,并承諾遵守所有適用的法律、法規和公平勞動實踐。

This Code of Conduct prescribes the compliance standards for agents and vendors (including their factories, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers individually and collectively, the "Vendor" or "Vendors") doing business with Charming Shoppes, Inc. Charming Shoppes, Inc. will refuse to do business with any Vendor not meeting these standards.
這個行為準則規定的合規管理標準為代理商和供應商(包括他們的工廠、承包商、分包商、和供應商,個人和集體的“供應商”或“供應商”)經商與CharmingShoppes 公司CharmingShoppes 有限公司將會拒絕任何供應商做生意不符合這些標準。

Compliance with Laws:遵守法律。

Vendors shall fully comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the manufacture of the merchandise, the facilities where it is made, accommodations made available to workers, and the importation of the merchandise into the United States of America.

Bribery and Corruption:賄賂和腐敗。
It is illegal and an unethical business practice to give or receive a bribe. 它是非法的,不道德的商業行為給予或接受賄賂。
A bribe is the payment of anything (money, gifts, orservices) to influence a business decision. 賄賂的支付條件是什么(金錢,禮物,或服務)影響一個商業決定。
In addition, laws in many countries prohibit the offer, promise or gift of anything of value to an employee, agent, or official of the government with the intent to influence such an individual within his/her area of responsibility.
Vendors shall not give or receive bribes and shall comply with all applicable laws related to bribery and corruption.供應商不得給予或接受賄賂,必須符合所有適用的法律與賄賂和腐敗。

Transshipment of Merchandise:轉運貨物。
Vendors shall set forth the genuine and true origin of all merchandise on the applicable country of origin declaration, invoice, visa or other documents made in conjunction with the importation of the merchandise into the United States of America. 供應商應當載明真正和真實原產一切商品的聲明適用原產地、發票、簽證或其他文件在配合進口商品進入美國。
Vendors shall not transship merchandise in violation of applicable laws, including but not limited to those of the United States of America.供應商不得轉運貨物違反有關法律,包括但不限于那些美利堅合眾國。

 Vendors shall notify Charming Shoppes, Inc. within 7 days after
(1) they or theircontractors or subcontractors are visited by U.S. Customs and Border Protection ("CBP"),
(2) they are notified or otherwise become aware of the commencement of any proceedings which could result in a conviction or the assessment of any administrative penalties or fines for transshipment or violation of rules of origin, or violation of free trade agreement rules, or
(3) they are notified by other customers/clients that such customer/client has received a Notice of Detention or Exclusion Order from CBP for which they are required to provide production documentation in order for their customer/client to facilitate proper clearance through CBP. 供應商應通知CharmingShoppes 公司后7 天內
(3)由其他客戶通知客戶/客戶有這樣收到通知或排除拘留命令其包裝盒生產文件要求提供以使得他們的客戶/客戶促進適當CBP 通關。

Vendors shall not smuggle merchandise. 供應商不得走私貨物。
Vendors importing merchandise into the United States shall legally import such merchandise and pay all duty owed thereon. 供應商進口商品到美國的進口商品,應按法律規定并賠償義務來。
Upon request, Vendors shall provide copies of entry documents or other evidence that proper entries were made with CBP.在提出要求時,供應商應提供的進入副本文件或其他證據顯示適當的條目與CBP。

Vendors shall comply with applicable labor laws and provide wages and benefits at a rate equal to the greater of the minimum legal wage or the wage that meets prevailing local standards. 供應商應按照勞動法律、提供適用的工資、福利待遇平等速度更加的最低法定工資或薪水滿足現行地方排放標準。
Vendors shall pay workers overtime compensation in compliance with all applicable laws.供應商應支付工人加班補償的遵守所有適用的法律。

Working Hours:工作時間:
Vendors shall comply with applicable labor laws governing working hours. 供應商應按照勞動法律規定適用于工作時間。
Vendors shall not on a regular basis require workers to work more than 60 hours per week (or lower if prescribed by local laws or local industry standards), and workers must be permitted no less than one day off in every 7 days. 供應商不得要求工人定期工作超過60 小時/周(或低在當地法律規定或地方行業標準),工人們必須被允許不少于一天假每7 天。
Overtime shall be limited to a level consistent with humane and productive working conditions.加班將被限制到一定程度,符合人道和高效的工作條件。

Prison, Forced or Compulsory Labor:監獄、強制或義務勞動
Vendors shall not use prison, forced or other compulsory labor, including labor that is required as a means of political coercion or as punishment for holding or for peacefully expressing political views.不得使用監獄供應商,強迫或其他義務勞動,包括勞動需要作為一種政治脅迫或者控股或為了懲罰為和平表達政治觀點。

Child Labor:童工:
Vendors shall employ only those workers who are at least the local minimum legal working age, above the oldest compulsory school age, and 15 years of age or older.供應商應雇用工人只有那些至少當地最低法定勞動年齡,上面最古老的義務教育年齡,15 歲或以上。

Freedom of Association:結社自由:

The lawful exercise of workers rights of free association and to establish and join organizations of their own choosing shall be respected and not restricted or interfered with and workers lawfully exercising those rights shall not be threatened or penalized. 工人權利的合法行使自由結社的組織,建立和加入自己的選擇應尊重而不是限制或干擾和工人的權利依法行使不得威脅或處罰。Vendors shall recognize and respect the right of all oftheir workers to organize, bargain collectively, and to strike, and Vendors shall not:供應商應承認并尊重他們的權利,所有的工人織、集體談判、罷工,以及供應商不得:
a. discharge or threaten with discharge workers in order to discourage union activity;答:排放或威脅放電工人為了阻止工會活動;
b. close or threaten to close a facility in order to discourage union activity; orb .接近或威脅要關閉一個設施為了阻止工會活動;或
c. use force or violence, or threaten to use force or violence in order to discourage union
activity.c 使用武力或暴力或威脅使用武力或暴力為了阻止工會活動。

Vendors shall comply with all applicable labor laws governing discrimination in the workplace on the basis of personal characteristics rather than the applicant or worker? sability to do the job. 供應商必須符合所有適用的勞動法律規定在工作場所的歧視的基礎上而不是申請人個人特征或職工? 年代沒有做這個工作的能力。
In addition, Vendors shall not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, nationality, age, marital status or ethnic origin. 此外,供應商不得因雇用或就業以種族,膚色,性別,宗教信仰,國籍、年齡、婚姻狀況或種族有關。
Vendors shall comply with all applicable laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.供應商必須符合所有適用的法律關于職場性騷擾的原因。

Disciplinary Practices:懲戒措施:
Vendors shall not use corporal punishment or other forms of mental, physical or psychological coercion. 供應商不得使用體?;蚱淥問降男睦?、生理或心理的強迫。
Workers shall be treated in a dignified and respectful manner.對工人的端莊禮貌的態度。
Safe and Healthy Work Environment:安全和健康的工作環境
The work environment shall be safe, healthy and clean. 工作環境安全、健康、清潔。
Vendors shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety in theworkplace. 供應商必須符合所有適用的法律和法規,對安全工作的場所。
Vendors which provide residential facilities for their workers must likewise comply with local laws and regulations regarding same. 供應商,為其工人提供居住設施必須同樣遵守當地的法律和法規,對相同。
Reasonable measures shall be taken to prevent accidents, including installation of adequate lighting, proper ventilation, clearly marked exits, proper storage of flammable or hazardous materials, and accessible aisles free of obstructions.合理的應采取措施以防止事故發生,包括安裝足夠的照明、通風良好,注明退出,適當的儲存易燃或有害物質,可免費通道障礙物。

Vendors shall comply with all applicable environmental laws.供應商必須符合所有適用的環境法律。

Security of Merchandise:安全的商品
Vendors shall take all necessary steps to protect their facilities and all merchandise from interference by individuals and/or organizations hostile to the United States of America, so as to assure the security and safety of all merchandise, its shipment, all individuals engaged in the production and shipment of the merchandise and the United States of America. 供應商應采取一切必要的步驟來?;に塹納枋┖退械納唐返母繕娓鋈撕?或組織仇視美國,這樣才能保證安全和?;に械納唐?它的貨物,所有個人從事生產和運輸的商品和美利堅合眾國。
Vendors shall join security programs offered through their government, the World Customs Organization, or the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program when the opportunity to do so is made available to them. 供應商應加入的安全方案,通過提供他們的政府,世界海關組織,或c - tpat 是否是自愿性的項目機會這樣做是提供給他們。
Vendors participating in a security program shall indicate such participation by providing Charming Shoppes, Inc. a copy of their participation certificate, and in the case of the C-TPAT program, their SVI number.供應商參與的安全程序應當載明參與CharmingShoppes 提供這樣的公司,他們的參與證書副本,c- tpat 程序的情況下,他們的SVI 和號碼。

Rights of Inspection:檢查的權利
Upon request, Vendors shall allow Charming Shoppes, Inc. associates, representatives, agents and/or auditors access to manufacturing facilities. 在提出要求時,應當允許CharmingShoppes 供應商,公司員工,代表、代理和/或審計師進入生產設備。
Furthermore, Vendors shall make available, upon request, documentation deemed necessary to
substantiate compliance with the standards set forth in this Code of Conduct.此外,供應商應提供、經請求,證實文件符合必要的標準所定的行為準則。

Community Involvement:社區參與:
Projects undertaken in partnership with community groups, or local or international non-governmental organizations, shall be encouraged and supported.項目采取建立伙伴關系,與社區團體,或本地或國際非政府組織,應當鼓勵和支持。
This Code of Conduct shall be posted in all facilities which produce goods for Charming Shoppes, Inc. in the appropriate language(s).本行為規范將于商品的生產設施的CharmingShoppes 公司用適當語言(s)。
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